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The Pastor’s Corner

Posted on Jul 5, 2019

Dear Parishioners-

 Just a few things to keep you  informed about…

 Last month, we had some work done on the church roof. I asked George Rocchio, parishioner and trustee, to explain the project and give some of the history that lead to this work. George writes:

“In October 1989 then Pastor, Rev. Msgr. Edward Egan, had a new roof installed on the main church. This roof system consisted of new fiberboard panels screwed down through the original tar and gravel roof and secured into the original structural metal deck. A new “Cooley” membrane was then fully adhered to the board. This roof, which had a 25 year warranty, has served us well for almost 30 years. In 2017 a leak was detected in the south organ pipe enclosure above the choir loft. We corrected the leak at that time. No damage was done to the interior church.

While correcting the leak, an inspection revealed that many of the existing roof areas had “worn down” to the mesh fabric in the membrane; roofing work was needed. After much investigation and research, the Parish Finance Committee opted for a new coating over the existing roof. Between July 15 and July 26, 2019, Coatings Corp of Norwood, MA completely re-covered the entire high roof over the nave and altar areas. This work consisted of cleaning the surface, repairing the flat “snow guards,” installing a  new membrane over all the areas where the mesh fabric was exposed and installing a fluid applied membrane over the entire roof surface. The cost of this work was $52,300. The cost to replace the roof would have been two to three times greater. We can now look forward to a trouble-free roof for another 25 to 30 years.”

 After enjoying the beautiful impatiens flowers blooming on the our property these last several weeks, Doris informed me recently there was an outbreak of a powder fungus which has unfortunately caused the plants to die. First discovered in plants around here in 2012, the growers thought that they had engineered a disease resistant species. Lo and behold, the nursery confirmed that there are new cases  of  “the blight” in this year’s flowers. As summer winds down, enjoy the remaining flowers of the season.                         

       Father Forcier

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