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The Pastor’s Corner

Posted on May 9, 2019

Dear Parishioners-

“The Greatest Gift of All”

As a parish, we offer our sincere and prayerful congratulations to our students who received their First Holy Communion at last Sunday’s 1:00 PM Mass. We thank their parents, teachers and families who worked so hard to  prepare these children for this sacrament. Special words of heartfelt thanks to Sister Dorothy, our Directress of Religious Education, who tirelessly works with the children to help them build a lifetime friendship with Jesus. As part of our celebration, the children also received scapulars, participated in the Crowning of Mary, our Mother and made an Act of Consecration to Our Lady. It was  a beautiful day. We pray that these little ones may always feel the love and presence of the Lord every time they receive Jesus in the Eucharist, “the greatest gift of all.”

 Renovation of the Front Lobby

Recently, St. Augustine’s Church received our first parish share check from the Grateful for God’s Providence campaign in the amount of $63,364.60. The timing was apt as we had just received our first bill from Pariseault Builders for the construction and refurbishing currently underway in the front lobby. After a few order delays, I am happy to report that the work seems to be on schedule. As of the first weekend in June, we will be moving our candle stands temporarily to the front sanctuary, on either side of the side altars dedicated to Mary and Joseph respectively. Also, as work begins on the far side of the Old Road entrance, the handicapped entrance will be moved to the far right door of the front entrance on Mt Pleasant Avenue. Please make  note of these changes and plan accordingly. I appreciate your patience and cooperation with the changes thus far. We are hoping to conclude all the work by late July, barring any unforeseen circumstances.

                                           Father Forcier











































































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