"Welcome to The Church of St. Augustine, Providence, RI. "

A Roman Catholic Parish serving Mount Pleasant & North Providence since 1929

Mass Schedule

Posted on Sep 19, 2019

Vigil – Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:00 PM – Memorial – Joseph & Mary Carr and Mary Williams
Sunday, September 22 – Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:00 AM –
9:30 AM – 4th Anniversary – Elvira Cambio
11:30 AM – 6th Anniversary – Rosemary Lusignan
5:30 PM – 1st Anniversary – Michael Cimini
Monday – September 23 – Saint Pius of Pietrelcina
7:00 AM – 64th Anniversary – Anna Martinelli
5:30 PM – Birthday Memorial – Gary Movsovitz
Tuesday, September 24 – Weekday
7:00 AM – Memorial – Maurice A. Crepeau
Wednesday, September 25 – Weekday
7:00 AM – 6th Anniversary – Aristedes Magallanes
5:30 PM – Memorial – Guerino & Helen Giammarco
Thursday, September 26 – Weekday
7:00 AM – Birthday Memorial – Albert Santaniello
Friday, September 27 – Saint Vincent de Paul
7:00 AM – Wedding Anniversary Memorial – George & Viola Merluzzo
5:30 PM – Memorial – Antonio & Elvira Giannini
Saturday, September 28 – Weekday
8:00 AM- 45th Anniversary – Henry Capasso
Vigil – Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
5:00 PM – Memorial – Deceased Members of the
Maurano Family
Sunday, September 29 – Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
7:00 AM – 3rd Anniversary – Carolyn Levesque
9:30 AM – Memorial – Steven McGinn & Laurie Cook
11:30 AM – Birthday Memorial – Shirley E. Li Bassi
5:30 PM – Memorial – Albert Manuel Costa

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The Pastor’s Corner

Posted on Jul 5, 2019




Dear Parishioners-

As we strive to grow spiritually, we are reminded to build up our trust in God. Trusting in God means laying down your life – with all its joys, sorrows and contradictions – and conforming yourselves to God’s Will. Are you afraid to trust God with your life? Do you give him your problems but get frustrated when he doesn’t do what you want? It is only when we have complete trust in God that our growth in holiness can take place.

God is trustworthy.  A trustworthy person has high moral integrity and character. In a world where our leaders and institutions often fail us, God is steadfast and true. We can rely on the thousands of years of history in the Bible that prove God means what he says and says what he means. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He always keeps his promises.

God is capable.  This is probably a fairly obvious statement. Because God can do all things, his capability should never be doubted. Certainly God took excellent care of King David, Job, Moses and others. What makes you think he will not do the same for you? He is certainly interested in forging  a relationship and demonstrating his care for you. God has power over all creation, so he clearly has the ability to accomplish whatever he wishes. He has infinite wisdom, so he knows what you need. More to the point, God loves you with unimaginable intensity so he always wants what is best for you. In trusting God, you show him that he is better suited and more qualified to take care of what you need. Let go and let God!

Are you now ready to trust God?  Start by thanking God. Reflect for a moment on ALL that the Lord has done for you. Everything that he allows to happen to us is ultimately for our good that we might grow to trust him. Remind yourself, as often as you need to, that God is in charge. It can allow you the freedom to cast aside your fears and doubt and enter into union with him. Finally, ask him what he wants you to do with your life next and then …pray for the grace to DO it!                                                     

  Father Forcier                



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